How does online business collaboration work?

Online business collaboration allows you to create private online workspaces where you can work with other people. You can share files, assign tasks, run live virtual meetings and collaborate on ideas.

How can collaboration help my business?

It can save you money. If you are a small business without huge amounts of capital, you can forego office space. As long as your employees have a computer or laptop and access to the Internet they can work from anywhere.

It also allows you to become more efficient and agile. You can access your files and client information from anywhere, anytime. This speeds up your response times to requests and ensures that your business runs smoothly.

What is document sharing?

Very simply it allows people to work and make changes on the same document. It eliminates the need for ten different versions floating around in cyberspace or on someone’s hard drive.

How safe are online business collaboration tools like Huddle?

When you use Huddle’s services you can be confident that your documents are safe.

Huddle offers full 128-bit SSL encryption (just like your online banking) and our servers are located in a highly secure data center.

Is it all just a fad?

You decide…

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