The way we work has changed rapidly over the last decade. In particular the rise of remote working, a trend that accelerated quickly in 2020 as organizations looked to adapt to the global Coronavirus pandemic. 

As a response, organizations have started to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives; setting the scene for a permanent shift to a more flexible, remote working culture. But what of the relationship between organizations and their clients? When social and personal interaction are missing, how do firms prepare for the new normal and maintain a positive client experience when both employees and clients are remote working?

Can you mantain quality?
More than anything, clients want to be reassured that you can still adequately service them. They need confidence that your remote working strategy won’t compromise the quality or productivity of your performance, nor will it put data security at risk. 

But achieving this can be challenging enough even when your client servicing teams are located in the same office. When they’re geographically dispersed, the challenges (and risks) are amplified. 

Do your existing tools work beyond the firewall?
Despite the prevalence of enterprise collaboration apps, and conferencing tools, teams often struggle to coordinate effort when engaging with clients outside of their organization’s firewall. 

IT security policies, software licensing issues, or simply a lack of functionality means employees are often forced to combine multiple apps and workflows as they move between internal and external (client) stakeholders. 

This can be a burden on productivity and quality – with files, updates, tasks and approvals scattered across multiple locations and apps - and can even put sensitive client data at risk as employees look to circumvent IT policies and find their own solutions. 

Collaborate with purpose and build trust & confidence 
To build trust and confidence into your client relationships in an age of increased remote working, it’s more important that ever to collaborate with purpose, develop a clear line of communication, establish deadlines and responsibilities, and stay organized. 

Employees want to focus on delivering value to their clients, and so collaboration between internal teams and clients needs to be frictionless, controlled and secure. That’s why we believe every firm has a place for Huddle, filling the external collaboration gap in your existing tech-stack to provide employees with a unified client engagement tool. 

To learn more about working with client through Huddle's next-gen Client Portal solution, request a Demo with one of our experts. 

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