Freelancers tended to live a life of solitude. You and your computer. Alone. No one else around. But those days are gone. Today’s freelancer has the Internet and social media which allow them to find and collaborate with other freelancers as well as taking on projects from around the world.

There really has never been a better time to be a freelancer. Take a look at these sites and feel free to post any others that you may use in the comments below.


This site is great for collaboration. It includes just about everything a freelancer needs: Discussion forums, job boards, resources that include an hourly rate calculator, as well as a blog with tips and tricks.


This blog gives some great advice to anyone working online. Topics include:

  • how to stop giving away professional advice
  • how to schedule your time
  • 32 ways to use facebook for business


The list won’t be complete unless I mention Twitter, which can be an overwhelming tool, but if you use it right, it can be great for networking.

Business Link

If you are a freelancer in the UK you can get some free business advice and support here.


I find LinkedIn a really useful place to get business contacts. You can also join groups and associations in your interest area which opens a whole new door for collaboration and networking opportunities.

Fuel your creativity

This site is for those days where you really need some creative inspiration. It has stories on how other people stay creative as well as tools that can help you. The topics under the freelance tips link are most useful.

Zen Habits

You can dwell here when things get too crazy. It has handy tips on how to make your life simpler.


I’ve added this site purely for the entertainment factor. It can keep you occupied for a couple of hours while you’re procrastinating. This site allows people to list interesting websites that they’ve, well, stumbled upon.

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