Many of the London-based public sector organisations I work with are about to embark on home-working dry-runs. Before the Olympic celebrations kick off in London in July, public sector staff are testing how they can ensure that it’s business as usual when it comes to getting their jobs done.

At Huddle, we run our entire business in the cloud and don’t have any shared drives. This makes it easy to allow everyone to work remotely if they need to.  Huddle is already extensively by UK government organisations for up to and including IL2/Protect.  Here’s my guide to managing remote working, and how Huddle can help your team to continue working as normal, even if it means working from home during the Olympics this summer:

–          Create secure, online workspaces in Huddle and use these as an alternative to your shared drives.  Workspaces can be created for teams, work streams, programmes or projects

–          Assign tasks to colleagues in Huddle, allowing you to keep up to date with actions and progress and keep projects and programmes on-track

–          Use Huddle as an online store for content and documents you need regular access to. Putting these in Huddle will mean you can access them from any location

–          Use the Huddle mobile apps to access your content when you’re travelling and keep up to date with your team’s work

–          If you’re a UK government organisation and need to work on IL3/Restricted documents during the Olympics, we have Huddle IL3 which will enable you to do this securely  in the cloud

–          You can sign up to Huddle for a three month period so even if you just want to use Huddle during the Olympics it’s easy to sign up without having to commit for more than you need

So will your team be working remotely during the Olympics?

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