Aviation services specialist, Robinson Aviation (RVA) Inc, has chosen Huddle to help its teams better collaborate on large projects.

RVA specializes in air traffic control (ATC) operations, including ATC and navigation systems engineering, installation and maintenance. It’s also a prime contractor to another Huddle customer, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

As part of its work, RVA often needs to work with external partners and contractors. And, given the nature of its business, document security is absolutely essential. The RVA team was using Microsoft SharePoint, but found it too cumbersome and expensive to customize for its requirements. After reviewing several other document collaboration and file sharing tools, the company chose Huddle.

RVA will now benefit from Huddle’s easy-to-use cloud-based Workspaces, allowing teams to work together, and with external partners, on their content – all with minimal implementation effort!

Huddle’s government-grade security, and granular user permissions, will keep documents secure; while co-editing (through Microsoft Office Online), file requesting, document approval management, and version control will keep projects on track.

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