12 months ago…

Me: “I’m working on a big tender this week. Where’s the proposal you wrote a few months back?

Dan: “I put it in SharePoint.”

Me: “Yeah…can you just email it to me?”

Received it 2 hours later


Me: “Where’s that case study we published for AKQA.”

Neil: “It’s in the Huddle Marketing Workspace”

Found it in 10 seconds!

I know that first scenario is all too common in too many companies. Yet, 12 months ago, it felt completely normal to me. Like most people I know, I was focused on getting my work done in the quickest, most efficient way at that moment. Many of us in sales are outcome focused, rather than process focused. Maybe that’s why email reigned supreme, and SharePoint was where documents went to die.

Shifting mindset and disrupting the sales process

The secret is: introducing a new, forward-thinking sales process to people, without compromising the outcome. Huddle is the only thing I’ve found that does this perfectly. It’s easy and intuitive. It empowers sales people to take ownership of content, while providing a centralized collaboration platform for everything, where you can find what you need in 10 seconds.

As a salesman, the information I need to do my job changes minute-by-minute. I need to keep abreast of not only what’s happening in my own company—product updates, new case studies, updated commercial terms—I need to stay current on the wider market. And many of my sales colleagues—you know who you are—are facing the exact same challenges.

Huddle just works. It automatically alerts me when a coworker uploads any piece of content I need. We’re able to keep a catalogue of articles, blogs, documents, videos, and basically anything. I can access every piece of marketing collateral, such as web articles and sales order forms without having to ask anyone for anything. I know exactly where it is and can access it from wherever I am—on any device—because it’s all in the cloud. I don’t worry about having all the docs and information I need for a client meeting. It’s always inside Huddle—accessible with a few clicks or finger flicks.

It’s hard to argue with something that works incredibly well

The great thing is that Huddle isn’t limited to just internal sharing. It’s ridiculously easy to use it to collaborate with our prospects and clients. I share our ever-growing feature list, latest security whitepapers, and new case studies with our long-standing customers. Or show implementation plans, custom branding designs, and recent news articles to prospects. It creates a closer, more engaging relationship than just communicating through email, where I know mine will get buried in the mass of others that hit their inbox every day.

As an Apple user, I was struggling to find business uses for my iPad beyond email. How else could I plug it into the sales process? Huddle’s collaboration app, surfaces all the content in Huddle on my mobile devices, complete with all the comments, approval processes, and notifications. It’s incredibly smart. It pushes content to me that it thinks could be relevant, showing me content I never knew existed.

As a side note—going on in my peripheral—it was partially responsible for cleaning up my desktop—no need to store those files locally, right.

I don’t live in my inbox anymore, and that’s a good thing. I’m accessing content on my phone and iPad, which helps me be more productive on the go—freeing up more personal time—and that’s a great thing.

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