When was the last time you used your extranet? Last month? Last year? The reality for most organizations is that when the time comes to send a document or an image to a business partner or supplier, you use email. It’s quicker and simpler.

That’s the root problem: a lack of adoption. Users want a rapid-fire way of collaborating, without the need to navigate their extranet. Why use the stairs when the escalator’s available beside it?

Security can also be a concern when hosting valuable or proprietary information—exposing sensitive data outside your perimeter. So you end up with an extranet that’s largely unused, is relatively non-secure and which is expensive to implement and maintain within your organization. Imagine all the hardware, software, employee training costs and other resources wrapped up in a system staff are ignoring.

Here’s something you can’t ignore. You need an extranet. It remains a powerful means of sharing protected information with clients, business partners, and privileged customers. In modern business we are used to collaborating with such a broad cross-section of partners, suppliers, associates and consultants from inside and outside the organization that a portal which enables external parties to access information has assumed a pivotal role in the way we go about our day-to-day business.

All this is achievable when you use your Huddle workspace as an extranet. In fact, Huddle reinvents the extranet. It’s as intuitive and gives your distributed employees, customers and partners a central, online location to easily share information anytime and anywhere. Huddle also saves time and money on not having to print documents or spend hours sifting through emails looking for the latest version of a file.

Most importantly, Huddle has the usability factor: transforming your Huddle workspaces into a feature-rich extranet primes it for collaboration. Trying doing this with your bespoke extranet platform: open, view, and edit files with complete version control; organize and manage projects from your desktop or mobile device; and stay abreast of relevant actions made by users through a real-time activity stream.

Huddle is also a secure cloud environment where information can be shared externally with whoever needs to see it—and through whichever device they choose to use. For example, you can control workspace access by assigning individuals to teams and setting permissions—not something you can do with a standard extranet platform.

Usability matters too. Branding is certainly important and Huddle provides a range of customization tools to turn your workspace into an extension of your brand.

Making an extranet look pretty does not solve the issue of user adoption. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

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