We love listening to our customers, and recently a number of you told us that meetings weren’t flexible enough to let you add other types of events to your Huddle workspace and calendar. We’re therefore delighted to announce our new events feature, which allows you to differentiate between meetings that are invite only – and events that are for the whole workspace. Now you can schedule events online with huddle!

Simply go to your meetings tab and schedule the meeting as usual. Then, choose whether it’s a workspace event or an invite-only meeting.

A workspace event will show in all members’ calendars, including future members, and is a great way to mark conferences, customer events, training days, holiday days and much more. By default these meetings will not send out email notifications, but you have the option of sending everyone an email about the event.

An invite-only event works just like meetings have always worked – simply select the individual members you want to attend that meeting and only they will receive the invite and see it in their calendars.

In developing the events feature, we also took the opportunity to revamp our calendar to better display meetings, tasks and multi-day events. You’ll now find all your meetings in green and your tasks in blue – and multi-day events will span multiple days – just like they should!

We’re focusing on revamping the tasks area right now, so make sure to make your voice heard on our feedback forum!

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