The workplace is changing. Gone are the days of office workers being chained to their desks from dawn until dusk, and working primarily with the colleagues sitting next to them, within their department and across their own organization. The complex, legacy ICT systems designed in a pre-internet era to lock information within a company’s four walls no longer meet the needs of people trying to get their jobs done efficiently and effectively.

Today’s knowledge workers require access to content, communications and collaboration anytime, from anywhere and on whatever device they wish to work on – be it PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone. Moreover, knowledge workers need to work seamlessly with everyone in their enterprise ecosystem, which extends far beyond their own company. These new requirements require a different way of thinking about provisioning technology.

Forrester Research call this new landscape the Engagement Workplace. In  the February 2014 Forrester report , “Brief: Your Next Portal Should Be An Engagement Workplace”, analysts Rob Koplowitz, Michael Facemire, and John R Rymer define the Engagement Workplace as:

A next-generation portal that empowers employees using any device to take the next most likely action in their moments of need.

Such workplaces bring together social, document collaboration, secure access to content and pervasive mobile access so that workers have a unified and contextual work experience.

To find out more, join us for Huddle’s webinar Secure collaboration, anywhere, any time: The technology that today’s workforce needs, featuring Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz. During the session, Rob will discuss how an Engagement Workplace will help your organization to:

  • Drive knowledge worker efficiency
  • Define new business opportunities
  • Break down the barriers between your organization and your customers


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