In professional services, client confidence is essential, and there’s no better way to achieve this quickly, than through clear, transparent communication. For Baker Tilly International, one of the world’s leading networks for independently owned and managed accountancy and business advisory firms, achieving this level of confidence was necessary to maintain a competitive advantage.

With 154 member firms in 133 countries, the company needed a single platform that could help employees better work with each other and with their clients.

“The question the partners at our member firms are being asked by their new clients,” said Ria Aird, Business Development Coordinator, Baker Tilly International, “is no longer ‘do you use a client portal?’ it’s what client portal do you use?.”

That’s why Baker Tilly International chose Huddle for its secure client portal. The company has to work across organizational boundaries, jurisdictional boundaries and deal with a lot of sensitive, confidential information. With the increase in cybercrime, Baker Tilly International needed a solution that would safeguard their data as well as the data of their clients. Huddle proved the ideal solution.

Using Huddle as a client portal for service delivery, Baker Tilly International’s member firms can offer clients a tailored portal that allows 24/7 access for all stakeholders, including those who are  performing the work, reviewing the output or monitoring processes. The portal is a secure repository for all information that relates to work being performed – giving clients simple, secure and organized access to key information. That information is available anytime, anywhere, from whatever device they are using.

“In terms of data security, Huddle is a significant step above consumer file-sharing tools. The company [Huddle] has the necessary security credentials to work with many government agencies and its data centers are robust and reliable. The team that Huddle employs to ensure the security of this tool is significantly larger than their sales team. That really demonstrated their commitment to keeping ours and our clients’ data safe.”

The Huddle portal is also helping Baker Tilly International to distinguish its services from competitors. When pitching for business, prospects are impressed by the features and flexibility of the portal – in particular its ease of use, security and rapid deployment. Clients can also take advantage of the mobile integration and the ability to log in from anywhere they are located. “Including Huddle in our tenders has been an influencing factor on several global deals,” says Aird.

“Our partners are happy, our clients are happy and we’re excited about what the next steps are going to mean for our business.”

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