Whether you’re working with a client’s financial data, or creating marketing materials for a top secret product launch, at Huddle we appreciate how important it is to maintain confidentiality around sensitive content.

But we also appreciate that time is money, and, when the pressure’s on, sharing content with your team needs to be quick and simple – security should be a given.

So, to put your mind at rest, we’ve made it easy to see who will be able to view and edit any content you’re uploading to Huddle.

Upload with Confidenceupload folder permissions

Now, when uploading content to a folder in Huddle using your web browser, you can:

  • View who has access to the Huddle folder.
  • View what access level teams have.
  • Select individual team members to view their full profile.

When working with sensitive content, we appreciate how important it is to maintain confidentiality, but not at the expense of access for those that need it.

To find out more, read the release notes, or learn about folder access levels by checking our handy help article. And, don’t forget you can also upload new documents into Huddle right from your desktop or mobile device.

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