Creating a public link can be hugely valuable should you need to share a piece of content with a large group of users; perhaps a piece of marketing collateral or a sales brochure. However, the way public links are managed by many content collaboration and file sharing tools can be fraught with danger.

Typically, once a file is made public you break the approvals process should the document require subsequent edits and approvals. Any individual iterations you make will also show on the public link – there’s simply no way to cycle through iterations and approvals without changing the content on the link at every step.

Talking to users we realized just what a frustration this was. Many resorted to creating a second version of the document and manually handling revisions through email. Others created multiple public links to handle multiple versions.

We knew there had to be a better way. That’s why Huddle handles public links in a very different way.

In Huddle, new versions of a file are not automatically published. Instead, users can continue to work on public content, manually choosing when to update the public link with a new version. This means entire cycles of revisions and approvals can take place without exposing them before you are ready.

Moreover, our links are reliable. If you disable, only to later re-enable, that link will remain the same. The same remains true no matter how many times you change the content and republish the link. No more headaches having to manage a reapproval process outside of your collaboration platform, upload a new version and created a new public link.

Of course, the company manager maintains full control and oversight of all published content. They can see which content has been made public, who published it, and when. Moreover, they can visit the content to verify if it is appropriate, and disable the public copy or contact the publisher if concerned.

Public links are an invaluable resource for sharing information created in Huddle, tracking the popularity of that content and preventing duplication. With Huddle’s unique approach to public links we’ve put you in complete control to help you get the most out of this important feature.

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