As a modern-day marketer, it’s a competitive imperative to make your company stand out from the competition. So, how do you do that?

The world is like the inside of an aviary when it comes to media, which means you have to be the loudest bird with the most evocative song to stand out. And that song is sung to the tune of “thought leadership marketing”.

Loosen the reigns

Fair warning: your product(s) may not be as unique as you think. People need to clearly see why you’re better than everyone else when it comes resolving their problems.

For most of us, getting beyond the constant touting of product benefits is easier said than done. Sometimes the features and benefits path is the one of least resistance. But the future lies in taking the thought leadership marketing approach and selling without being “salesy”. This may require you to step outside your comfort zone, but it’s worth it.

5 approaches to thought leadership marketing

  1. Showcase your firm’s strong point of view and insightful thinking
  2. Become provocative and in your face
  3. Don’t be afraid to challenge conventional thinking
  4. Be prepared to lose a little control
  5. Be more conversational than dictatorial

The most successful marketers invite people on their team to join the dialogue, expand on ideas, and come to agreement or even disagreement. When multiple stakeholders are invited to the creative thinking process, it engages, energizes, and promotes thought leadership.

4 ways to tame tactical noise for creative innovation

  1. De-clutter
  2. Organize everything in one place
  3. Prioritize projects
  4. Use a cloud-based collaboration platform

When these conditions are set in place, your team is free to do their best work. They’re ready to edit, update, and swap out content at a moment’s notice.

With today’s measurement tools, the success of a campaign can be pinpointed in an instant. When you have new data or better information to share, or you’ve discovered you’re missing the mark with men but winning with women, you need the ability to update, share, and track content in a few clicks.

Innovation driven by thought leadership marketing isn’t the future; it’s happening right now. Cloud-based collaboration means the best collective ideas are free to rise to the top while confusion surrounding tasks, documents, and discussions begins to erode. Content flows easily through the ability to post, disseminate, and manage marketing assets, so you can collaborate on them instantly. Don’t be left behind.

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