South by Southwest (SxSW) is an annual Interactive, Music and Film conference that takes place in Austin, Texas.

There are many, many things that make SxSW special (c.f. Michael Acton Smith’s temporary blindness, the brilliant juxtaposition of khaki’d geeks and skinny jean’d musos, Iron Works BBQ restaurant) but what sets it apart from most conferences is the unique, community-driven way that the program is put together.

Anyone can (and, it seems, most people do – more than 2,000 interactive panels have been submitted this year) submit their idea for a lecture or panel to SxSW’s legendary Panel Picker where the community can vote ideas up (or down) and leave comments.  The highest voted panels are then put forward for the final program.

Now, there’s almost nothing we’d like more that to represent the Europeans (at what is still very much a US-centric event) at SxSW 2010 so the Huddle team have proposed two marvellous panels for this years event.  We’ve gone with two diverse themes; one business and one technical oriented and we’d be delighted if you could please vote for both of them 

Hiring 101: Building a Team of Peers by Andy McLoughlin,

You’ve got a world-beating idea, a working alpha and a big dream. What happens when your product goes stellar, though? This panel discusses what you need to look for when building a team that will take you through the growth, the pain and (hopefully) that big exit. Click to Vote!

From Fragile to Agile: Efficient Development for Startups by Jonathan Howell,

Agile software development is now mainstream – with all the mass misinformation that implies. Jonathan Howell separates misguided talk from the basic principles, and argues that startups can make development more efficient, more predictable and ultimately more enjoying with just a little investment in agile practices early on. Click to Vote!

Voting is a quick and painless process and once you’re signed up you have access to thousands of fascinating proposals. There are some other great companies from the UK taking part this year like Spoonfed and Songkick and you can vote for as many panel as you like.

SxSW2010 takes place in Austin, Texas from March 12th – 21st

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