Sewtech Automation, a UK-based engineering company which designs and manufactures bespoke automation solutions, has chosen Huddle to transform the way it collaborates with its manufacturing partners.  

When developing custom automation systems, the company produces large amounts of sensitive documentation, including user manuals and technical files. However, its existing on-premise file management platform was not an efficient way of controlling how this content was used, and who had access to it.  

Instead, the company needed a robust cloud-based document collaboration platform with high availability which would enable both employees and external partners to securely access and work together on the content they needed.  

Using Huddle, Sewtech Automation can create cloud-based workspaces where internal teams and manufacturing partners can come together to share and edit files, control versions, assign tasks and track activity in a secure, shared environment. All activity around Sewtech Automation’s content is time-stamped and logged, to provide an audit trail of user activity and deliver greater transparency into who has access to sensitive content and how it’s being used.   

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