As many of you are already aware, Huddle hasn’t been shy about taking on the big boys and going head-to-head with SharePoint.

We are firm believers that expensive legacy ICT systems, such as SharePoint, are no longer meeting the requirements of end users and IT departments. In fact, I’m not convinced they have ever met the requirements – it’s often a case of ‘if it’s included in our enterprise tech bundle, we’ll use it!’ Well with the consumerization of IT, it’s time to change all that. We want to give you software that users really, really love AND that is secure, scalable, low cost and supported for a rollout across an organization. And we want to tell everyone about it!

To prove just how serious we are about providing people with a viable alternative, we’ve taken to the streets of Anaheim and gone directly to Microsoft’s front door at the SharePoint Conference 2011 to take on the competition in their home turf. Track the action on Twitter #HSPC11 and here on our blog.

Huddle’s marching band takes #SPC11 by surprise



Huddle has its very own cheerleaders!

Yes that’s right. That really is a marching band. And cheerleaders. And American Footballers. In Huddle uniforms. Marching right into the SharePoint conference 2011….Come on!!

Let’s tell people there is an alternative to SharePoint. Let’s tell people that there are cloud products that are ready for the enterprise. Let’s tell people that finally you can give users what they want AND help IT reduce costs and deliver better software.

On a daily basis, CIOs have to face the challenge of supporting innovation while reducing costs and improving efficiencies. Systems such SharePoint demand huge amounts of financial and human resources in order to get them up and running. The trueSharePoint cost is so much more than just licensing, let’s not forget that when evaluating the cost of rolling out SharePoint, you also have to consider additional server licenses, initial customization, configuration and external consultants. In fact, a study by IDC revealed that for every dollar spent on Microsoft products, almost eight dollars are spent within its ecosystem of partners and system integrators.  It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and months of time, to do what you can do in Huddle in minutes.  And did you know that Huddle works with all operating systems, including old ones like IE6 – not even Microsoft IE6 with SharePoint now – even though millions of people still use it!

And then even when SharePoint has been implemented, teams just don’t want to use it. According to a Global360 survey, 78 per cent of participants agreed that SharePoint’s user interface is not adequate. So why should you choose Huddle? Here are just some of reasons:

Huddle is simple to deploy. It was architected with the non-technical business user in mind, driving high levels of user adoption and saving the IT department a great deal of frustration.

  • It’s always up. We regularly exceed our 99.9 per cent Service Level Agreement (SLA) and have achieved 100 per cent availability in the last 90 days
  • We guarantee adoption. Huddle has an industry-first, 100 per cent Adoption Guarantee  – if your users don’t love it, we’ll give your money back!
  • There are no upfront or hidden costs. No additional costs for servers, or support, or maintenance or customization. It’s all bundled into a simple monthly cost.
  • Huddle enables you to work across the firewall simply and securely – you just invite the people you want to work with into your workspace and get up and running
  • Huddle is mobile. iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry – you name it
  • Being a cloud-based tool, Huddle is flexible, scalable and you get the latest product updates every four weeks, with zero downtime

It’s time to stop using the dinosaur of technologies and embrace Huddle – already used by more than 100,000 business and government organizations worldwide.

We had a great time speaking to attendees at SharePoint Conference 2011, thank you for taking the time.

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