Your company fought for the investment, worked tirelessly with consultants on the complex integration and customized the deployment so it met your needs. So why is your SharePoint user adoption crawling along so slowly? When it comes to collaboration, why do the majority of your staff still default to email, file sharing tools or other tools?

The answer can partly be found in the all-pervasive nature of email. Everyone uses it every day—to send, receive, attach, question and answer. It’s easy to use, universal to every user. Now, email is a complex beast, content isn’t easily discoverable and it raises data security issues. However, there’s no denying that users will default to the option that they’re familiar with. This brings me on to poor SharePoint user adoption

SharePoint user adoption suffers because the platform is a separate environment. Yes, SharePoint can be integrated with Outlook and Office so that users can interact with SharePoint items through those applications. However, SharePoint is still somewhere else to familiarize yourself with, a separate environment to click and somewhere else to store content.

Then there is the issue of complexity, which is a key reason for poor SharePoint user adoption. Collaboration needs to be nimble, easy, seamless. SharePoint is none of these—and SharePoint user adoption is squeezed because of it. The default SharePoint site, for example, has a toolbar of functions, a menu on the side with a list of places to access and store content, widgets in the main part of the page conveying information and announcements, and the potential to be integrated into an overall structure that may be much bigger than just the site you’re currently looking at. It’s like skiing a slalom run in the dark.

In spite of all this, SharePoint user adoption suffers because of an even greater malaise: the inability to work with partners on the other side of the firewall. SharePoint is designed to keep collaboration inside the organization—not share it outside. But organizations don’t work like that anymore: staff need to collaborate every day with agencies, consultants, freelancers and other partners. They need a platform that delivers seamless online file sharing, extranet and document management in one place.

That one place is Huddle. Recognizing that poor SharePoint user adoption is in part due to its complexity, Huddle’s cloud collaboration platform was built with user adoption in mind. Huddle gives you one copy of a file, saved in the cloud, for your team to work on. You work from the right version every time. It’s an intuitive, secure, organized place for all your files, available anytime you need it, from whatever device you’re on. It works the way you do.

SharePoint user adoption is like an expensive car stuck at the side of the road. It’s not going anywhere fast—and you’re still paying for it while other drivers dash past.

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