In my last blog, I shone a light on all those dark ways organizations collaborate on content. If your business operationsproductivity is half of what it should be, these would be the reasons: reliance on email, expensive and tricky SharePoint, or unsecure content file sharing systems like Dropbox.

Flip the light on

This blog offers a ray of light: hope that email, SharePoint, consumer file sharing platforms, and other platforms can be consigned to the trash and banished into the pages history. This blog highlights why Huddle is the imperative choice for business operations leaders who are collaborating with multi-disciplinary internal and external teams.

Huddle is where business operations teams access, share, and work on all of their content with whoever they need—internally or externally. It’s an online, secure cloud service accessed via web browsers, desktop, or mobile devices. And unlike SharePoint, there are no upfront costs. Deployment is easy and it comes with security government-grade out of the box.

With Huddle, you can upload any size and type of file. Create your own folder and sub-folder structure, including permission groups of people to view some folders, while disallowing others. You can share files with teams within your organisation in just a few clicks.

What using Huddle looks like

Let’s imagine you’re working on a new business strategy and have developed a “strawman” outline document to share with teams in executive management, sales, marketing, finance, and others. With Huddle, you can invite people, accept comments, build-out the report, notify colleagues of your changes, track feedback, and keep a full record of content versions while always working on the latest version, determine approval deadlines, and lock the document while you are editing it to completion.

Huddle means watertight security. You can set granular permissions against each workspace or folder. These determine what a user, workspace manager, or account administrator can do in a particular workspace or a particular folder. You can also restrict who can invite users into workspaces.

For example, your business operations team may be working on an important legal file associated with a merger, acquisition, or other business strategy. With Huddle, you can securely share the document with specific people, and set permissions to ensure that the sensitive document is only seen by those who you want to see it, both inside and external to the firewall.

Being cloud-based, Huddle ensures that colleagues don’t require VPN access to view and work on files. As long as business operations teams have access to an internet connection, Huddle allows them to view, create, and edit content directly in their web browser without needing to download files or install software. Everything can be accessed on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry.

Huddle is all business operations professionals need to securely collaborate, drive up productivity, and accelerate decisions.

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