Cloud computing is currently a hot topic in the public sector. The Government ICT Strategy states that UK government is pushing ahead with its shift towards cloud computing and recognises how the cloud can respond to changing operational needs.

Due to the current squeeze on public sector finances, this new technology remains high on the agenda for many organisations.

However, alongside the drive for shared IT, increased flexibility and efficiency, concerns remain surrounding security, the location of data centres, and whether classified data can kept in the cloud. These apprehensions are holding back adoption and the discussion continues.

On Wednesday 12 October, Huddle will be launching its first government cloud event, in partnership with FutureGov.

Huddle’s inaugural government cloud conference focuses on:

Silver lining: how the cloud is transforming government IT

The event will bring together CIOs, technology directors, programme managers and thought leaders in central and local government, independent analysts and journalists to discuss:

  • The UK government’s official cloud strategy and how it compares to the cloud strategy of European and US governments
  • The success of cloud deployments within local councils and how the cloud is being used to drive efficiency
  • What the public sector can learn from the private sector when it comes to cloud computing
  • How the cloud can liberate product teams
  • Public vs private clouds: which clouds should the public sector use and when?

Speakers at the government cloud event will include:

  • Steve O’Connor, Technology Director, Houses of Parliament
  • Mark O’Neill, leader of the Cabinet Office’s skunkworks team
  • James Stewart, Tech Lead, Alpha Gov

More speakers will be unveiled over the next few weeks. Places at this event, which will be held at the National Audit Office, are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so secure your spot and sign up today.

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