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With some 200 staff within the Learning Disabilities and Autism Service, providing a range of activities and carrying out vital support services in different localities across the UK, it was important for Sirona to maintain consistent working practices throughout the division. This includes file sharing and document collaboration.

Before Huddle, Sirona’s Care & Health Learning Disabilities and Autism Division had information spread about in various places. They used a combination of paper documentation, information on local drives and an online clinical-based system.

This inevitably led to duplication and difficulty finding files, and ultimately, issues around information governance.

Russell Lee, Service Support Manager for the Sirona Care & Health Learning Disabilities and Autism Service recalls that implementing Huddle in October 2014 made everything so much easier. Lee said, “Huddle is not just a file store, it goes beyond storage to offer a more integrated and modern way of working. It’s improving our working practices. For example, using Huddle has reduced the amount of email traffic we see day to day.”

The Learning Disabilities and Autism Service however is not the only Sirona division experiencing the benefits of Huddle. The Shared Lives scheme, an adult placement service that bridges the gap between supported living accommodation and living within a family environment, uses Huddle to record Carer information, allowing them to access and work from Huddle while on Carer visits.

Before Huddle, Laura Clarke, Senior Administrator within the Shared Lives Scheme said not only was their information spread out between internal drives and in physical fling cabinets around the office, they were also running out of space to store this information.

Clark said: “By moving our files to Huddle it has become much easier to both find information and provide evidence of compliance with CQC requirements.”

Sirona’s District Nurses have also experienced the challenges of information governance. With over 100 nurses in different surgeries and visiting patients at home, internal drives were no longer a viable option for collaborating on information. “Using Huddle, we can now store, access and update all the important information – work rotas, associated paperwork, key contacts – everything we need for the general running of the service,” said Sally Bullock is Administrative Support for the Sirona Care & Health district nurses based in Bath.

By centralizing important documents and information, Huddle enables more efficient processes and supports compliance requirements for Sirona. To read more about how Sirona uses Huddle, visit our customer case studies.

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