Since 2003 Smarter Not Harder (SNH) has developed tailored training solutions for businesses that want to improve sales results, leadership effectiveness and/or staff productivity. Running several courses a day, SHN needs to create a huge amount of personalized documentation – often in a very short space of time.

As an expanding company SNH was looking for something that would centralize and streamline workflow, automating processes where applicable. Their current solutions were simply not meeting the growing company’s needs.

“We were using SharePoint to house our course documentation. We had a checklist set up and so on to make it as effective as possible, but people just weren’t using it. It wasn’t neat or well thought out, and it added a layer of complication, creating ‘another task’ for people to do,” said Office Manager Esther Plumley. "It wasn’t making things simpler – in fact, quite the opposite.”

Esther set out to compare market solutions that could potentially meet the company’s specific needs. Comparing eight different providers, including Asana and Basecamp, Esther and her colleagues ultimately chose Huddle. A decision that Esther says ‘has changed my life!’

Using Huddle, each course is contained within its own area, allowing everyone taking the course to access relevant documentation and keep track record of their personal activities. Workspace areas are secure spaces, which are separate for clients and SNH teams.

“Huddle is really easy to use and the adoption rate is great. Adoption was one of my concerns, but it’s now second nature and Huddle’s customer help portal is a real bonus,” said Esther.

“We have found what we were looking for with Huddle. Huddle is having a huge impact on the way we operate.”

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