PR professionals have a tough job. They have to keep many people with different agendas happy. First, there’s the client who wants coverage, pages and pages of coverage – sometimes for very little cost and with very little news to share. Then there’s the journalist who wants hard hitting news. And finally, there is the agency who wants you to bill your hours and make money. Combine all of this with the fact that the news industry is 24/7 then it’s no wonder these poor people are frazzled and stressed out at times.

As a result, it is important that PR professionals are always connected. They have to know what is going on in the world and act accordingly.

Things like snow storms, volcanic eruptions and British Airways strikes cannot stop the PR professional from doing their job. An agency simply cannot come to a grinding halt when an agency worker cannot get into the office or to a meeting with a client. Business still has to continue as usual even if they physically cannot get to the office. Agency collaboration software such as Huddle helps you work whenever and wherever you need to ensuring business doesn’t stop when the unexpected pays a visit.

There is a solution for these seemingly insurmountable challenges – agency collaboration software.

With social business software you can share information such as files, images, ideas or proposals with clients within a secure branded environment. Clients can approve these immediately, saving time and reducing email traffic not to mention eliminating issues such as version control in documents. It also makes it possible for PR professionals to collaborate across teams and across client projects. Agency managers can also track progress on a project as well as monitor successes and milestones reached, cutting time spent in meetings explaining how a project is doing.

In summary, social business software decreases project time, operation costs, travel time and client churn; while increasing new business, efficient practices and remote working.

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