It’s official, Social Enterprise Software is here. It must be true; I read it in a software vendor’s recent press release…

Just like when you read in the newspaper about Twitter being the ‘next big thing’, you know a trend is officially over when the traditional Enterprise Software market suddenly latches onto it. However I guess we shouldn’t be too disparaging if the old-school vendors are finally learning from the social market – it only proves that we have been right all along!

Anyway, the latest company to come to its senses is Jive. To quote their press release:

Jive no longer believes in the separation of internal and external communities. Instead, SBS 3.0 takes a holistic view and bridges employee collaboration with partner and customer communities in a single application suite.

I guess what they’re trying to say is that you can log into one place and see all your work relationships, projects, contacts, communities and information in one place.

Genius. That sounds like a great idea. Who’d have thought?! They are even claiming to be the first and only company to connect employees, customers, and partners in a single community’

Surely this is stretching the truth to breaking point in the name of PR?! There are plenty of companies such as ourselves, Central Desktop and many more who have been doing this for ages… And reading further from the press release Jive are starting to sound more and more like the rest of the enterprise market (i.e. SharePoint), which is a shame as I used to really admire them.

If you want to really see how to do team collaboration and social collaboration software properly, get your Huddle account going and give us a call…

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