South East Water, a UK-based company which supplies drinking water to 2.2 million people across the south east of England, has chosen Huddle to transform how its teams collaborate with each other, and with external stakeholders. 

Using Huddle, employees will be able to create secure, cloud-based Workspaces where they can share, and work on documentation with each other, and with external partners. 

The company’s existing applications had proved unsuitabe for sharing sensitive files and customer data beyond the firewall. Huddle has been built to solve this problem, creating safe cloud-based Workspaces beyond the firewall where teams and external stakeholders can come together to work. 

Huddle’s security and ISO credentials also make it suitable for companies looking to meet their GDPR requirements. 

‘We are delighted that the team at South East Water has chosen Huddle to improve collaboration across the business, and to improve the security of its sensitive data when working with external partners,” said Huddle CEO, Mark Wrighton.


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