Spacee, a leading augmented reality company based in Addison, TX, has chosen Huddle to improve how its sales teams are able to work together, and also with clients.


Prior to Huddle, the company had been using multiple apps to share and work on content. However, this proved ineffective when coordinating effort across teams in different regions, or with employees in the field or at client sites. Working directly with clients also made it difficult not to breach IT security policies. 


Now, with Huddle, the company will be able to create secure Workspaces where teams and clients can come together to access, and work on their project content.


A Huddle Workspace brings together the people, content, tasks, and conversations associated with a project. So, instead of being scattered across multiple apps, everything you need to get work done is right there, in one place. It also makes it simple to control access and permissions across different teams and clients.


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