It was announced yesterday that the new United States based Formula One team US F1 signed a deal with Youtube to be its primary investor.  In an interview with, YouTube’s co-founder Chad Hurley sees tremendous potential in this deal to integrate new media and social connections into Formula One.

Photo: Christiaan Ploeger

As a huge Formula One fan, I am excited about what new exposure this partnership will bring.  Furthermore, many web start-ups pride themselves on their transparency and increased connection with customers and fans, a quality that would be warmly welcomed by fans of Formula One right now.  The FIA and Bernie Eccelstone, the primary authorities in Formula One racing, have created a culture of secrecy, which has permeated throughout all of the teams.  Constantly changing rule sets, and a leadership aristocracy, has created strife among the racing teams, which almost resulted in a formal separation in the series.  I am hopeful this partnership will demonstrate how much businesses can benefit from increased levels of fan involvement and transparency, qualities that are both seen commonly by web start-up companies.  The success of this campaign will have implications on all other types of businesses, who are not actively leveraging web technologies.


What other types of web technologies do you think the USGPE team should consider to help them build a fan base in the US?

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