We thought you might be interested in seeing some of the results of last week’s Huddle HQ photo scavenger hunt London. In other words, would you like to see some embarrassing photos of the Huddle crew? Of course you do….

Divided into teams and equipped with cameras we were let loose on the streets of London with 2 hours to blag ourselves into hotel rooms, pub cellars, clothes shop windows and Porsches as well as taking photos of tourists, random animals, ridiculous hats, a Banksy, and people in uniform. Points were awarded for each task completed, with bonuses for artistic merit or comedy value.

Whilst one team failed miserably (arriving at London Zoo 15 minutes after it had closed) the rest did admirably well, annoying residents, shopkeepers, publicans and tourists on Bermondsey St and beyond. Click here to see the best of the photos:

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