The sheer volume of files used in modern business can be bewildering at times. Word documents, spreadsheets, databases and PowerPoint have been around for decades now, but have been joined in everyday use by jpeg, mpeg, tif, gif and png to name just a small selection.

The rise of those image and video files has dramatically increased since the advent of social websites and their large size raises a number of questions about the best way of storing your files. Businesses have traditionally done so on their own internal storage systems, but this has proved somewhat outmoded. Companies have pushed back against the expensive hardware costs and on-going maintenance they require and have been increasingly turning to the cloud for their file storage.

There were some initial industry concerns about the privacy and security of business critical files in the cloud, especially as they can hold an organization’s intellectual property. But cloud security has matured and businesses are now much more comfortable with the idea of storing files online. At Huddle we provide our customers – including around 70 per cent of UK central government departments – with a multi-layered, secure online environment where files can be stored and accessed by anyone working on the project, both inside and outside of your organization.

But there are many other benefits associated with storing your files in the cloud. Huddle allows users to access files from anywhere in the world, at whatever time they wish. 21st century businesses requiring that level of flexibility whilst being tied to accessing files only when a particular building is open, seems outdated.

Huddle also allows the quick and easy uploading of multiple files at once and when they are uploaded we have made it straight forward to sort files by name, size, date modified or approval status. Users are then able to utilize the Huddle search engine to look through the text of files to ensure they don’t waste time struggling to find the required file.

Organizations who want to store files in the cloud have seen the cloud come a long way from when organizations had those initial concerns about security and privacy. The functionality available now means that the cloud is best place for secure online file storage with easy access. Organizations are freed from hardware costs and maintenance and are given the flexibility required by modern business.

Do you store files in the cloud? If not, what is it that puts you off? Let us know in the comments.

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