According to a survey conducted by IDC your employees spend an average of 4.5 hours a week on document-related tasks; such as managing document review cycles, and chasing approvals.

The problem is even worse if you’re working on a large, time-sensitive project - such as a bid response or RFP – that includes multiple stakeholders.

In these situations, a lack of transparency around who is responsible for a task can mean you end up wasting even more time hunting through your email to check how your project is progressing.

At Huddle, we recognise that collaborating on content is about much more than just working on the content itself. That’s why we’re making it even easier to create, manage and track tasks for your files stored in Huddle.


Greater control and improved visibility


Our latest Huddle Tasks update enables users to easily create and assign tasks directly from Huddle’s File View. This means that, for the first time, all of the information and context you need about your file  - from team comments, to approvals, and now tasks - is visible in one place.

So, whether it’s requesting a client to review a document before you request an approval, or asking your team to read your latest updates in advance of your next status call, our Tasks update makes it even easier to create, assign and track tasks through to completion. 

  • Create multiple tasks and assign to anyone with access to your file.
  • Any tasks which you create in File view will also be visible and editable in the tasks tab, so everyone in the workspace can see a complete list of all open tasks in a single hub.
  • Tasks appear in your Dashboard, offering a comprehensive overview of all pending tasks, across your Workspaces.



To find out more about our 2019 Task Management feature, talk to your Customer Success Manager or contact Sales.

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