As marketers we are constantly tasked with thinking about how we can creatively engage with prospects, beyond social media engagement.

Here, we’re obsessive about showing everyone who comes across Huddle that we are truly an amazing company, made up of passionate people, who go the extra mile in everything we do.

From fun (you do remember our Huddle band, don’t you?) and interactive marketing, personal sales experiences, to the world-class customer service and product development.

To increase customer satisfaction is no easy feat. In this digital age, we’re already suffering from the information overload and get easily fed up with constant direct emails, cold sales calls and being cornered with badge scanners.

From automated phone systems to rude sales people to bait-and-switch sales tactics, it seems the majority of businesses aren’t looking to increase customer satisfaction, but instead as they grow are becoming impersonal and uncaring with customers is the worst thing a company can do. It’s a simple concept: if a person feels like they are well taken care of from their first interaction and throughout the relationship, they will be happy, which means referrals, more sales, and a positive brand image. However if they feel that they are just another number to your business they will be less likely to do business with you now or in the future and will probably make their discontent known to their friends and colleagues.

We may have been guilty of a catch-all approach in the past, but we’re hoping to get more personal again, and I don’t mean to achieve it through highly sophisticated marketing automation software.

Return to roots. Get personal. We’ve started with a good old pen and paper, and homemade fudge. Like a good neighbor welcoming a family into the neighborhood, we made homemade food to introduce ourselves!

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the top UK CIOs, you will soon enjoy a handwritten letter by Huddle’s Josh Flax and marshmallow fudge by yours truly.

It may not have been the most time-efficient marketing tactic, but as long as it brings a smile to your face and make you feel a bit like a part of the Huddle family, our ROI has been achieved.

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