We gave you a sneak peek at the all new Tasks feature last week and, now that the release is just one week away, we wanted to show you more details about the new feature.

How it works

It’s really hard to describe how simple and quick the new interface is, but until you can come back next week to use it yourself here are some of the key features. You can click on any of the images for a full screenshot!

Create tasks quickly
You can always create tasks quickly and easily, just go to the top of the tasks page and type away. It’s really fast too – just keep typing and each time you hit enter your new task will be created.

Filter tasks
You can choose which tasks you want to see in the list by filtering on assignees. You can see just your tasks, your team’s tasks, everyone’s tasks and so on.

Group tasks
You can choose how to group your tasks. The default is by due date but you can also group them by status to quickly see the different stages of work.


Sort tasks
You can sort tasks the way you want to – just click on any of the column headers and the whole list will be sorted. All the group, filter and sort selections that you make are saved so the view you set up is the one you will always come back to.

Open details inline
To make working on multiple tasks easier, you can open as many tasks as you want at the same time. This way, you can see all the details without jumping back and forth between different pages.

Edit easily
Need to change something on the task? Easy! Just click on the field you want to edit, make your change and you’re done! No separate forms or pages needed. We’ve set up some rules to make sure things don’t get changed inadvertently – so as an assignee you can only change the status but workspace managers and the task creator can of course edit everything.

It’s really easy to assign a task – just open the assignees dialog, click on the people you want to assign and then click update. Need to remove someone? Just click on them again to un-tick them! The assignees are automatically sent an email and a reminder when the task is due.

We know that you often need to discuss tasks and comment on work in progress so the comments are front and centre inside the task. This allows you to keep the discussion alongside the task itself.

Not only have we added an ‘in progress’ status, but we’ve color coded the tasks for you so that you can see the health of your project at a glance. If it’s red, it’s late, and it probably needs actioning!

Export tasks
We’re giving you all a teaser of a premium feature in this release. You can export your whole task list along with all of its meta data to .csv, which lets you do all your reporting and data manipulation the that way you want to!

We’ve really focused on making all of this as quick as possible – creating a task only takes one click, editing status takes two clicks, and so on. It’s all done in the page and with instant feedback so that you can get on and do your job instead of managing your tasks list!

The release

The release will start at 6am (UK time) on Thursday 4 November. There will be no downtime but to ensure the safe migration of all your data to the new feature tasks will be disabled for a short while. We’ll keep you posted throughout the release.

What’s next?

We have a lot of work left to do on tasks – and we want your feedback on what we’ve built so we can make it even better! We will be iterating quickly over the coming months to add even more features and to improve what’s there;

  1. Uploading attachments when creating a task
  2. Visualizing task progress for a quick and easy overview
  3. Adding an (optional) start date so that you can track duration and progress
  4. What would you like to see? Tell us at: http://www.huddle.com/feedback

See it in action

Join us for a webinar on Thursday 4 November for a live demo of the new Tasks feature, just hours after release. This session is open to all, so please join us if you’re a current Huddler or have ever thought about becoming one! View the webinar now: http://bit.ly/xG7hUd

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