Huddle quite literally saved the day today.  There we were with our collective marketing team finger poised and hovering over the ‘make campaign live’ button, when one final (some might call it paranoid) check through, flagged up a file for download that tipped the scales on the wrong side of the ‘too big to ask customers to download’ front.

Easy fix we thought. Get supplier of said download to supply us with a low res version. Simple. But of course, it turned out to be not so simple. At the supplying end, permissions needed to be granted, files needed to be found and an agency needed to briefed.  Which all equated to time that we just didn’t have.

And that’s where Huddle came in. After managing to get everyone to agree that one of our own agencies could carry out this uncomplicated file conversion job, it was simply a case of setting up a workspace on Huddle, inviting the relevant people to join and for file sharing to commence. So in the space of 30 minutes, we had a new, smaller file, that slotted into the campaign and we were able to press ‘go’.

Originally, we brought Huddle into our business to make communicating with our network of stakeholders easy. We’d started out looking at costly extranet options, but quickly realised that Huddle could tick many of the boxes on our ‘wish list’ of features. With a few underlying concerns over ease of use, it quickly became apparent that pretty much everyone ‘got it’ and if they didn’t, it wouldn’t take much to get them to.

In the marketing team, we’re in lust with Huddle. It started out as a new ‘toy’ that, given half the chance, we’d use to fulfil almost any request. But in truth, it’s actually become a ‘piece of kit’ that sits at the heart of almost everything we do. It means that we can dip in and out of workspaces, but know that colleagues can see exactly where we are with projects at any given point in time. Our team use it. Our colleagues use it. And our auditors really like it.

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