While you may be asking if this is an old idea – surely every enterprise is networked these days – the networked enterprise is something more than simple connections. In fact, the networked enterprise refers to a fully connected organization.

Today we rely on an increasing number of tools in both our personal and work lives. And while most, if not all, rely on connection – both to the Internet as well as to one other – what they often lack is a connection to each other.

Huddle was founded on a single, clear ambition: to help people work better together. This cannot be achieved with one collaborative tool – it must be achieved by an integrated system, an organizational state where internal and external collaboration is seamless, branded, mobile and secure – connecting people, content and applications in a predictive way: the networked enterprise.

This is not a futuristic idea, it’s happening now. We have the technology and it works. That’s a given, as our many satisfied customers will testify.

Now we are looking to harness the entire ecosystem of people, content and organizations – all the points of information interaction – to deliver the full impact of customer loyalty and productivity improvement.

No single tool can deliver the Networked Enterprise. It will be achieved through the creation and integration of seamless connections, through building intelligence into the collaboration process, and by bringing all of this content and capability together in one place, on a single secure platform.

In the age of information overload, Huddle will become the most powerful personal assistant for the future enterprise knowledge worker. Users will spend less time preparing to work, and more time achieving. As a result, they will become more creative, more effective, and a far more valuable asset to their organization.

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