The queues outside Apple’s flagship store on London’s Regent Street started building yesterday and members of the UK Huddle team that failed to get one from the U.S. were seen racing from the office last night. They are yet to be located. This can only mean one thing… Yes, the UK iPad has finally hit stores, going on sale at 8am this morning.

In preparation for the launch, the BBC even managed to get its UK iPad version of the iPlayer up and running a day early, so people that already had their paws on one could catch up on their favorite TV shows.

With its large screen and vibrant colors, the iPad is set to bring joy to consumers as they can listen to music, read books, watch films and surf the internet without having to squint at a tiny display. But what does the UK iPad mean for businesses? Is it set to kill off laptops?

Here are some thoughts from Martin, Huddle’s VP of Product:

“I got a friend to bring back an iPad from the US for personal use and now I find myself using it more in the office than I do at home. It comes with me to every meeting for note taking (through Evernote my notes are automatically synchronized with my laptop and iPhone), looking up the latest information (story cards, spreadsheets, reports and documents out of Huddle) and sharing that information with others in the meeting.

Can you do all of this on a laptop? Of course, but once you pick up an iPad and start using it there is something about it that truly does make it “magical” and much more friendly to use and share in a meeting. Instead of printing out a report to bring with you, or handing over control of a laptop which may be unfamiliar to others, you can hand them the report on an iPad. The device is so intuitive that they instantly zoom around the information, change variables and get stuck into the content, rather than struggling with the device it’s being delivered on. And, as a UX person, this is the ultimate accolade – the iPad is so natural to use that it puts the content in the foreground, and the UI disappears.

The fact that you can then bring it with you to San Francisco and watch 10 hours of movies on the flight is just icing on the donut…”

We’ll be announcing the winner of our Internet World iPad competition later today, so keep your eyes peeled for an email.

What are your views on the UK’s iPad for business? Let us know.


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