As a marketer, you may need to manage more than one marketing team, and they may be in-house or in different offices or countries.

And you’re in charge of overseeing the actions of professionals from multiple disciplines: PR and analyst relations specialists, designers, advertisers, social strategists, event planners, writers—the list goes on. This gets exponentially more complicated when you toss in the geographies, with people using virtually any device and operating system you can imagine.

Sometimes your expertise may not stretch the span of the octopus, so you find yourself relegating trust to others on more than one marketing team who are industry analyst aficionados or Twitter crackerjacks. And that means building trust and respect and learning how to help everyone do their best work. The best clients know the importance of building relationships, and they clearly—at a gut level—know how important their attitudes, actions, and decisions affect that performance and the morale of agency partners.

Being the quarterback is more than saying, “hike”

It’s important to safeguard your ever-more-valuable brand. Who is your company, after all? Are you known for design aesthetics and customer service? What’s your purpose—shared values and community? Or are you about prestige and luxury lifestyle? Create branding guidelines, uphold them, and make sure every single member of every team, both in-house and outsources, upholds them.

And then there’s big data—the new craze. Customer information floods in from multiple channels and, if it’s not properly mined, it’s pay dirt. How can you harness it to improve ROI? Data, after all, is the key to proving your worth in the boardroom.

When it comes down to being a marketer, you need to be an enthusiastic leader to keep everyone motivated and informed, internally and across more than one geographically dispersed marketing team. Yet some days—facing all of this—it’s tough to stop pushing the snooze button on your alarm clock.

Untangling the tentacles

Alas, take a deep breath, and remember that success boiled down to its simplest form is about being pragmatic and delivering:

  • Open communication and candor with more than one marketing team
  • Accessible information in a shared workspace that’s secure as well as organized by project to avoid the need to weed through unnecessary, inappropriate “noise”
  • Transparent expectations
  • A clear definition of success

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