Whether you’ve captured notes from a meeting and you need to share them with the team back in the office, or you’ve created a draft proposal that you want to submit for review, being able to share and access project documents while you’re on your mobile device can help to accelerate individual and team responsiveness and productivity.

That’s why in our latest Huddle for Android release we’ve made it even easier to work with Huddle while you’re on the move.

Upload from another app

You can now upload files to Huddle from other Android apps using the 'share' feature.

Keep your engagements organized

Perhaps you’re starting a new phase of a project, or you just need to make sure the new documents you’re uploading are properly organized; with the latest update to Huddle for Android you can not only rename files, and select the most appropriate location, you can also create new folders during the upload process.

Upload from the Huddle app

If you’re already working in the Huddle App, we’ve given you the flexibility to upload files into the current folder by simply tapping the ‘plus’ button. Upload progress is shown in the folder as well as in the status bar.

Huddle for Android allows you to make the most of your travel and down time, so you can be at your most effective no matter where you are.

For questions or to learn more visit our product overview page, or check out our Android release notes here. To download Huddle for Android or Huddle for Android US Government and Healthcare edition visit the Google Play store. 


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