Whether you’re adding the final touches to a presentation, writing up the minutes from a recent meeting, or capturing images for a research project, being able to review, edit and share documents while you’re on the move can unlock previously untapped productivity for you and your team.

That’s why, in our latest Huddle for iOS release, we’ve added new ways to upload your documents and files directly to Huddle.

Upload from Microsoft Office

Upload from Microsoft Office

You can now upload documents directly to Huddle from any of the Microsoft Office for iOS apps (Word, Excel, Power Point).

Uploading new documents: Just like Huddle for Microsoft Office on your Desktop, Huddle for iOS allows you name the document and choose which workspace and folder you’d like to upload it to. If needed, you can also create a new folder along the way.

Working with existing documents: When editing a document already stored in Huddle, you can save the document back into Huddle as a new version, or as a completely separate document.

Upload from Apple Photos

We’ve also made it possible to upload photos to Huddle right from the Apple Photos app for iOS.

Again, you can choose the workspace and folder where you’d like to upload your photo.  



Upload from Huddle

Upload from Huddle

You can still upload any files or documents from the Huddle app by tapping the ‘plus’ icon.

We’ve all encountered the frustration of unnecessary delays when collaborating. With the latest version of Huddle for iOS, we’ve made it even easier for you to share your work while you’re away from the office.


Available today, the latest update is available to all Huddle users. For questions visit our mobile apps page or check out the latest release notes. To download Huddle for iPhoneHuddle for iPad or Huddle for US Government and Healthcare, visit the Apple App store. 

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