From major infrastructure projects to contracted services, the success of any private sector partnership often comes down to communication and collaboration. However, with stakeholders spanning program offices, legal, IT, and finance teams, the process of procuring and managing partners can quickly become complex.

Often, one of the key challenges to managing this complexity is a lack of shared IT infrastructure between the government agency and its private-sector partners. Strict data control and security settings often make it impossible for private-sector to access network assets inside of an agency’s firewall; making even the simplest of tasks unnecessarily difficult. Instead, teams find themselves resorting to a multitude of different apps to try and share files, manage tasks and keep projects on track. This not only damages productivity and delays projects (with updates buried in email inboxes and multiple versions of the same file stored across multiple locations), but it can also introduce unnecessary security risks.

Finding the right solution

Without the right collaborative solution, it can be difficult for stakeholders to keep track of work, manage feedback, and intelligently control file versions. For instance, when using common file “sync and share” sites (or worse, relying on email attachments), program management teams often have limited visibility into who has accessed files, when, and whether it been shared with others. Likewise, relying heavily on enterprise messaging apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams can lead to files being buried in lengthy discussion threads.

How Huddle can help

Huddle enables U.S. Government agencies to ramp up their vendors and suppliers faster, maintain compliance, and develop healthy relationships long after the contract is signed. As the first cloud collaboration solution to be FedRAMP authorized, Huddle is built for external collaboration beyond the firewall and helps modernize the way program offices share information and collaborate effectively with external parties on important projects, enabling them to have a centralized view of vendor and supplier activity, files, actions, and other related updates. This also helps to improve security around sensitive information, creating a more collaborative, secure, and efficient culture around project management.  

Keeping stakeholders connected

Huddle’s FedRAMP Authorized collaboration platform allows users to rapidly create cloud-based Workspaces in minutes. In these private Workspaces, employees can work together securely, accessing important files, uploading, and editing new content, and managing tasks and approvals with internal colleagues, as well as external partners (whether that be government, industry, or non-profit organizations they work with).  Our customers find it simple to roll‐out Huddle across both internal and external teams, since it can be accessed across firewalls, avoids IT bottlenecks, yet maintains advanced security functionalities and administrative controls for proper oversight. 

Leveraging Huddle to create contractor management portal has enabled our customers to have greater insight into project progress as all key stakeholders have access to the latest documentation, upcoming and overdue tasks, and a calendar of related events.  This 360 degree view into activity helps stay on top of vender performance and creates an engaging experience for your third-party partners. You can use your Huddle portal to send out automated reminders related to annual contract reviews, send out new RFPs, upload contracts and related documentation, and set alerts to keep track of overdue activities.

Huddle also integrate with your existing environment, offering complimentary capabilities and integrations with MS Teams or Slack, file sync-and-share sites, and video conferencing solutions such as Zoom or WebEx. 

Maintaining an audit trail of activity around sensitive content

When working with U.S. Government agencies and contractors, project documentation is often highly sensitive; so, Huddle’s team-based permissions allow organizations to closely control what content is accessible and maintain a time-stamped audit log of activity around its content. This enables organizations and their partners to work quickly, and with confidence, while also giving project managers greater transparency into how projects are progressing.  

Improved productivity and operational efficiencies

Reducing lengthy email discussions, eliminating duplication of effort, streamlining how teams collate documentation, and cutting down on the use of physical paperwork - all of these factors have helped our U.S. Government customers to improve operational efficiency, keep sensitive content secure and ensure  regulatory and governance requirements are being met – even when working externally.

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