Inspired by the success of DrinkTank, we’re proud to announce the launch of MarketingTank!

MarketingTank is a free, invite only meet-up for members of the marketing community across the globe: proven B2B and B2C marketers. It’s a chance to meet, drink, chat and help solve each others’ marketing problems.

We decided to start MarketingTank because we were fed up with the current marketing events which we felt were not neutral enough and generally attended by consultants trying to sell stuff, dreamers or people who weren’t in a position to share insightful marketing lessons. From conversations with others in the marketing community, it seems that many people shared our view.

Each event is hosted by partners who have been recommended by members or who have proven that they can add value to the greater marketing network, which means zero entry fee, a decent venue and some free drinks. There are no demos, no ‘educational’ talks and no hard sales. Just high quality attendees and a relaxed atmosphere.

MarketingTank is invite-only. To attend you must register and, if approved, RSVP to each meeting. MarketingTank membership is limited to the corporate level marketers (CMO, VP, Director/Heads, Managers) in established (public beta +) companies only. Due to exceptional demand we may have to turn people down – sorry!

To join us please apply here:

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