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We’re like you: many of us come from agency backgrounds and we’ve worked at tiny start-ups, grueling consultancies and large multinational corporations. We enjoy search marketing, social media, media relations, analyst relations, customer and product marketing. And also billboards, TV, infographics, killer events and marching bands… By marketers, for marketers, we write about things that matter most to us.

And now meet your editorial team:

Aaron Endre

Aaron Endré helps to get everyone in the conversation. Working closely with media, analysts, bloggers and customers, he leads communications, public relations and branding in the United States. He’s determined to foster discussion about the virtues of content collaboration and make “Huddle” a household name—and not only during Monday Night Football.

Prior to Huddle Aaron worked agency-side to help turn entrepreneurial vision into marketplace reality for data infrastructure clients like IBM, Drobo, Overland Storage, Cloudera, Panasas, Pure Storage and others.

A Michigan poet turned Silicon Valley tech geek, Aaron is passionate about living each day as if it was his last — which usually means unapologetically eating too many artisan cheeses.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aaronendre | Twitter: @aaronendre

You can read all of Aaron’s posts here.

Ashleigh Bilodeaux

Ashleigh Bilodeaux is the founder of MarketingTank and is our demand generation maestro.  She is an extremely passionate individual who has an extreme appetite for pushing the conventional boundaries of marketing and sales, or as we like to say, she is ‘ballsy’. However, this edgy nature does not undermine her protection of the bottom line.

As Director of Marketing, Ashleigh Bilodeaux is primarily responsible for driving inbound marketing at Huddle and she has pioneered the company’s innovative growth plan. Ashleigh has ensured that every dollar invested in obtaining leads has produced positive financial results. She has reshaped Huddle’s traditional marketing and sales tactics to keep Huddle ahead of its competitors.

Prior to joining Huddle in their London office, Ashleigh worked for successful start-ups Service Magic and eToys.  She was directly responsible for online marketing and new customer acquisition and played a key role in the run up to ServiceMagic’s acquisition by IAC. Ashleigh studied at Metro State College in Denver, Colorado, where she obtained a BSc in Business Finance.

Additionally, Ashleigh has spoken about marketing automation strategy at a number of industry events, focusing on how to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Recently, Ashleigh was recognized by B2B Magazine as a top 20 rising B2B Marketing star to watch and is a finalist for the B2B Marketer of the Year award.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ashleighcasner | Twitter: @abilodeaux

You can read all of Ashleigh’s posts here.

Daniel Rajendran

Self-confessed geek, gamer and wannabe baker, Daniel has been filling the role of brand guardian for Huddle’s marketing team since joining as an intern in January of 2010.

Based out of Huddle’s HQ in London’s Tech City, Daniel is a Swiss army-knife of sorts who dabbles in a bit of everything. While he spends most of his time designing, coding and maintaining the Huddle web site, it’s not unusual to find him tinkering with email templates, hacking apart jQuery plugins or just simply making print collateral look nice.

When he’s not Huddling, Daniel can be found tweeting from @shadowise about games, gadgets, geekery and the inevitable zombie apocalypse, also, cupcakes.

Doug Meierdiercks

Doug Meierdiercks is our email marketing champion; whether he’s insanely brilliant or brilliantly insane, we’ve yet to figure out. As the Senior Manager of Email Marketing, Doug manages database communications for Huddle, building complex triggered communication strategies to help educate and engage clients and potential customers by making sure the right content is delivered to the right person at the right time.

Prior to Huddle, Doug developed student support communications for University of Phoenix, helped U.S. service members, veterans and their families understand and utilize their benefits at Military.com, showed you how to do something good for the world at GoodSearch.com and told you what kind of dog you were and helped you understand which Brittney Spears you could be for Tickle.com.

A passionate and creative marketer, he lives by this creed: Another Day! Another Dollar! A bigger today and brighter tomorrow – through email marketing.

Katrin Kulesova

Prior to joining Huddle I worked at Accenture and iProspect where I managed digital marketing efforts for Fortune 500 clients. Here at Huddle, I am making sure huddle.com is optimized and is getting the most leads through SEO, mobile and PPC channels.

Outside of work I hike, read, cook, travel, play tennis, watch documentaries and movies, go to theater, museums and galleries. My biggest passion is travelling. Which is probably due to me moving dozens of times to different places by the age of 20.

When I grow up I would like to get a dog and learn to speak French.

Lucy Wimmer

Luc, Huddle’s Head of Corporate Comms, is the company’s brand visibility guru. With eight years experience in tech B2B media and analyst relations, customer programmes, news hijacking projects and high visibility campaigns, Luc never misses a PR opportunity and can sense a good story at 10 paces.

She was behind the issues-based, hard-hitting campaign that saw AdMob become the leading light in mobile advertising. Averaging more than 30 pieces of coverage a month brought it to the attention of Google, who went on to buy the company for $750 million. The programme is a blueprint for the other brands on exactly how PR can add value to a company.

At 25 years old, she’d grown her agency portfolio to an annual value of £300k – in a recession – and became an account director. She was also specifically requested to be seconded into Virgin Media Business to their in-house team while also heading up the public sector account. It should therefore come as no surprise that Luc was named as one of PR Week’s Top 29 Under 29 in 2011 and is now taking the helm of Huddle’s corporate comms team.

You can read all of Lucy’s posts here.

Natasha Wyatt

As our Senior Manager of Product marketing, she manages launches, messaging, most of the 4P’s and teaching the sales team about our amazing product. She also loves working with customers, anywhere, anytime.

Prior to Huddle, Natasha worked at Google, marketing Google Maps, Google Earth and Google’s Enterprise products. She likes to think her work helped more people discover new crop circles and create new conspiracy theories. At Google, her 20% projects revolved around political elections, fueled by her fascination with gerrymandering.

Outside of work, Natasha spends her time hiking and climbing mountains. Covering over 5,000 miles, she thinks products are just like mountains – conquering one at a time.

Rishi Chowdhury

Rishi is a marketer extraordinaire, all round good guy and superhero. OK, so everything past marketer might be an editorial comment! But Rishi is part of the online marketing team at Huddle and has been since graduating from university in 2010 with a 1st in Business Management. His primary focus is on lead generation from a multitude of channels including PPC, SEO, affiliate and social and is always on the lookout for new ways to generate business.

With a passion for startups & marketing, Rishi knows that marketing on a small budget needs to be ROI focused and having joined Huddle when it was a startup and seeing it grow into a medium sized business, he has firsthand experience of this. Rishi, still finds it weird writing in third person and can be found on Twitter @rishi_chowdhury & .

You can read all of Rishi’s posts here.

Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson (Suz)

Cowgirl. Surfchick. Recovering sociologist. Listens to Faction. Knows a lot about styrofoam. Enjoys photographing ponies.

VP Marketing at Huddle. Likes hanging out with the girls in tech at Silicon Stilettos. Believes that periods belong in places other people don’t. Only slightly less obsessed with brand management than cutting cattle.

Banned from playing Pearl Jam in the office. Or any other music for that matter. Tweets from@huddlesuz. Writes at Girlaboutweb.

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