In all fast growing organizations it is of paramount importance to assemble the right team. After all, it’s the people that build your product, the people that market it, and the people that sell it.

Without the people, it’s like having a car without a driver or a map to get to where you’re going. Here at Huddle, we pride ourselves on hiring the very best people. But that’s so cliché, who doesn’t want to hire the best people? So we take it a step further, what we are looking for is the next “Huddler”.

This is a Huddler

This month, a number of Huddlers signed up to compete in the Tough Mudder event. The event is a 12-mile run through mud, with the added spice of 20 SAS (British Special Air Services) obstacles to overcome along the way, including fire, ice baths, and climbing over mountains of mud. Being a Huddler who signed up to the event, it made me realize just how important the team spirit at Huddle is to making Huddle such a great place to work, and also how fundamental it’s been to our rise over the years I’ve worked here.


As we set off on our 12-mile challenge, I looked at the team we had assembled to represent Huddle, a combination of our departments: sales, support, developers, etc.  We were a mix of levels, experience, and personalities across the business—all working as one unit to ensure we made it over the finish line. We created the team, but creating the teamwork to finish such a brutal challenge is something very different.

So, as we sat enjoying a beer, celebrating our success of working together to finish this mammoth challenge, I noticed we all had something in common…we were all Huddlers. A Huddler is the kind of person who understands that no individual can win on his or her own. In order to get the best results, we need to use all of the resources around us and within ourselves.  Be it the sales guys’ pumped up motivational talk as we hit mile eight, the logical thinking of our product manager as we approached the high walls we needed to scale, the marketing expertise to get that winning team photo at the end of the course, or our VP’s wallet for the celebratory beers, it all matters.

The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel

The same teamwork ethos drives us every day in every one of our offices across the globe, a true sense of unity, enthusiasm, and determination to be the best. We are all working towards one common goal and pulling all our skills and resources together to make sure we are successful in everything we do.

What makes a Huddler? Someone who knows that the greatest successes and best moments in life come from working together to win as a team.

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