Government agencies, grantees and other private sector partners often need to come together to deliver major projects. This typically requires agility and the coordination of effort around a large volume of documentation. However, with participants from an increasingly broad spectrum of organizations, project groups can often experience challenges caused by a lack of shared IT infrastructure.

In these scenarios, program delivery can be delayed and even compromised as participants default to insecure methods of sharing information.

Innovative leaders understand that to meet the expectations of a modern public sector, and improve outcomes, cloud technology is central to improving agility.

When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needed a way to improve how it shared files and collaborated with external partners outside of its network, it turned to Huddle.

Speaking to, Matthew Borten, who leads multimedia content development for the FAA’s Creative services Group, explains that many of the FAA’s files run to several gigabytes in size. “There was no convenient way to share [these] files,” says Borten.

Borten goes on to explain that firewall issues prevented SharePoint from being an option (the FAA needs to work with several external partners outside of its network), and that consumer-grade apps simply weren’t secure enough.

Fortunately, as the first cloud collaboration solution to achieve FedRAMP ATO, Huddle ticked all of the boxes and makes document collaboration and file sharing with external stakeholder simple and secure.

Today, the FAA is on a continued roll-out of Huddle across the FAA Office of Communications.

Read the full piece and the interview with Matthew Borten or find out more about how Huddle can improve file sharing and multi-agency collaboration.


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