Battle scarred. That’s how your Bid Management team look after trying to manage bids using legacy technologies like email, SharePoint, or network drives. They’re suffering the scars of a fragmented bid management process, platforms that are too hard to navigate and an inability to securely share bid content outside the organization perimeter.

In this third and final blog on bid management, we’ll explore how Huddle underpins every step of the bid management process—from that moment the bid opportunity is identified right to the mobilization phase.

1. Race the clock to build your bid team

The moment a relevant bid is identified, the clock is ticking. You need to quickly build a virtual bid team, comprising everyone from the bid director and commercial team, to the proposal writers and risk management experts. Huddle brings all these constituents together in the bid center. For example, you can review each user’s profile and determine who needs to contribute to the bid. Once assigned, you can request that they view and approve files; you can chase them to sign documents off ahead of deadlines and see at-a-glance where approval is outstanding.

2. Keep prying eyes off your bid

If your bid management team relies on non-secure technologies like email or network drives to share confidential bid information, then you’re one click away from sensitive bid data falling into the wrong hands. On the other, many bids—especially public sector ones—will demand rigorous compliance with data loss prevention rules. You will be asked to sign confidentiality agreements and acknowledge that your systems comply with the latest security regulations.

Huddle has mastered the science of security. Huddle’s primary data center is ISO 27001 accredited, for example, the servers are hosted in secure facilities, with restricted access and 24/7 monitoring. Moreover, Huddle conducts its own regular penetration testing, and of course, access to Huddle workspaces and files is restricted, with full administrative control.

3. Take bids with you everywhere

Your bid team work everywhere: in hotels, airport lounges or at home. They need anytime, anywhere access to the bid process. Being cloud-based, Huddle provides a secure collaborative environment, whether you are connecting from a mobile device, desktop or the web. You can exchange files associated with bids inside and outside the company (there’s no VPN and firewall configurations needed) and you can access documents on Huddle on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

4. Never send the wrong version of the bid out

It’s easy to send the wrong version of a bid document with email—maybe even one with the wrong pricing discount in it! Huddle helps you keep track of your files with version control, a clear approvals process, notifications and comments. For example, when a bid document is downloaded for editing, it is marked as locked. You can click on the editor’s name to view their profile, or click on the file itself for more information about when the file was locked.

5. Get Huddle and SharePoint to live in harmony

Huddle starts where SharePoint stops, introducing cross-firewall collaboration, mobile integration and a vastly more intuitive interface. The Huddle Content Collector Services, for example, is a painless approach to migration and publishing that maximizes your investment in legacy technologies, reduces costs and ultimately ensures your users are able to securely collaborate on bids across the firewall, in a mobile environment, quickly and easily.

6. Take a trail-blazing bid management audit trail

You need a complete audit trail of every bid, to ensure accountability and manage instances where contacts may be contested legally. With Huddle, audit trails are automatically added every time an action takes place against each file. For example, every time you modify a bid document, Huddle overwrites the previous version and stores a new one. By clicking on the ‘Version History’ tab, you can see a list of every version of the content. A time stamp also identifies the precise moment the document is created, opened or reviewed.

7. Picture your bid

Bids typically demand the inclusion of a large number of images, like building information and modelling CAD files so popular in construction and other industries. The Huddle image gallery enables you to store and share a limitless number of images. Moreover, with Huddle you can upload 10GB and multi-folders and files in a drag and drop. This includes.

8. Build on the success of your previous bids

You want to learn from each previous bid document, building on what worked and what didn’t. With Huddle it’s simple. Click on ‘start new bid’ and you can view templates, tasks and the steps needed to walk through the bid management process. You can capture model answers and objections handling, so that every subsequent bid has a greater degree of success. If you are tendering to operate the fourth in a series of regional bus routes, for example, this organizational memory capitalizes on all the knowledge already created and short-circuits the bid writing process.

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