You upload a file to a folder in a shared drive. Seems innocent enough and probably something you’ve done hundreds of times before. But did you stop to check who will have access to that file? Do you even know how to check?

Admittedly, most document management systems, file sharing apps, and collaboration tools will allow you to check access permissions; but they’re typically hidden away in a menu and completely disconnected from the effortless process of dropping new files into a shared folder.

Many will also obfuscate the exact level of permission a user has (full edit rights vs view only). Getting to that level of transparency might even require intervention by an IT admin, or the use of another app (in Microsoft Teams, for example, a file has to be subsequently opened in SharePoint to check Direct Access to a file; so, it’s not something you’re immediately aware of when uploading new content).

Doesn’t it seem reasonable to expect a little more transparency, especially if you’re working with sensitive files and multiple stakeholder groups?
That’s why Huddle makes this information clearly available to you any time you upload a new file. It might sound like a simple feature – but it’s these small considerations to the security of your content that make Huddle so powerful.

Thanks to our unique Workspace model, drop any new file into Huddle and you’re presented with exactly how many users will have access to the file, who they are, their team, and that team’s level of permission. It’s the perfect way to check that the file you are adding to a shared space will only be visible to the stakeholders its intended for.

Watch the video to see how easy Huddle makes it to check access to new files. 

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