‘Documents’ as a word sounds pretty dull, ‘document management’ perhaps even more so. But documents in fact provide the support system for modern business. They contain the ideas, creativity, logistics, admin and more that make an organization run, so how we manage those documents is hugely important. Especially when it comes to looking for a scalable document management tool.

Technology has of course transformed how we do business and nowhere is this truer than with scalable document management systems we use in the workplace. In the not-too distant past, documents were filed manually. Now they are stored on a server or one of the many document management tools available to business, whether that is in the cloud or on-premise.

But document management can be just as inefficient using specialist document management process software as it could using a manual filing system. A document stored somewhere inaccessible does no one any good; nor does a document stored without factoring in how it will be retrieved and used and by whom. A scalable document management system is needed to handle vast numbers of documents.

So what should a business look for when considering a document management system? Given the size of modern business documents, a cloud-based solution is far preferable to on-premise. This means documents won’t clog up your server and you can store as many as your business can create.

People must be able to access files in one central knowledgebase, which means documents aren’t lost on PCs, mobile devices and in paper mountains on desks. Easy simple navigation, shortcuts and organized content areas are also important and enable the locating of files much quicker.

But I believe that scalability is the most important factor when choosing a document management solution. What works for you now needs to work for you as your business grows and changes, so the ability to scale is critical.

At Huddle, we believe that the more documents a business has, the more important it is to mange documents more effectively. Documents are a record of everything your business does or aims to achieve, so accessing that intellectual property and ensuring it is protected and well-maintained is of the uppermost importance. So don’t just look for a document management tool, look for a scalable document management tool.


Take a look at our white paper ‘File synchronization at enterprise scale‘ – A brief from Jonathan Howell, CTO at Huddle

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