Measuring the success of collaboration can be a very subjective thing because there are often no clear monetary results or return on investments. One person’s success is another’s failure. So how do you measure a successful collaboration strategy?

Firstly, forget the monetary results. Instead focus on issues like increased employee satisfaction, getting tasks done more efficiently, higher visibility and increased support.

One way of doing this is through a survey. You would need some sort of a baseline, so do one at the beginning of your collaboration journey. Then a few months on, you can do the next one and see whether there are improvements or heaven forbid failures.

The types of questions for a collaboration survey:

  • How do employees currently share information?
  • Do they share information at all?
  • If they share information, is the way they share it easily accessible?
  • Do they feel they’re actually getting something out of collaboration?
  • Do they feel they’re adding value when they collaborate?
  • Would they change anything? If yes what?
  • Who do they turn to when they need information?
  • Do they have access to the information and people they need to do their job?
  • Do they have the support of their team to do their job?
  • Do they have the support of their manager to do their job?

For the second collaboration survey you can also include a question around training and skills, to measure whether your employees know how to use the collaboration tools.

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