Business today isn’t about going into an office: in fact, being tied to one physical location can actually handicap a company’s ability to chase new opportunities. But you need the right software to let your team step away from the in-office network safely.

There are plenty of tools that are built to make employees location independent. Using them, employees are capable of jumping on the next plane and working from wherever, provided they stay within the borders of their home country. However, going international requires leveling up.

The Right Tools Have Security Baked In

For companies doing business internationally, cyber security has to be a key concern. Every time an employee crosses a border, their laptop bag represents a potential security problem. Even laying aside concerns about lost devices, every country has different laws about how much access border officials have to the information contained on computers coming into their country.

Legally speaking, you may not have much to worry about — if your organization is used to working in a particular country, you’re probably aware of the laws you need to follow. But not all officials play by the rules, nor do the local companies that you may compete with: business travelers in China, for instance, have had their laptops and mobile devices hacked on a regular basis. You need to protect your company’s interests, as well as your data. Being able to submit a competitive bid or finding a reputable vendor may depend on it.

Keeping all your crucial company data in the cloud is only a useful response if you’re using tools that are secure. You don’t just want excellent up time — you need guarantees that your data is encrypted while in transit, and that the data centers hosting your data are secure. Your only other option is to ask your employees to leave their laptops at home when going abroad, which isn’t particularly helpful or effective.

Train Your Team To Think Securely 

Educating your employees may be a necessary step before you turn them loose on the global stage. For instance, it’s not enough to provide employees with software to establish secure connections back to headquarters, especially if they may be downloading software from the Internet or signing in through open WiFi connections.

Taking reasonable security precautions should be a standard part of what your team does, no matter what country they happen to be in at that moment in time. Maintaining physical control of company computers and mobile devices is an important first step — it’s not always possible, especially when passing through customs, but limiting the time devices spend out of reach can minimize problems. Logging out of programs completely can also offer some protection from casual attacks.

Keeping your team restricted to just the software that your IT department has approved is harder, but doing so is worthwhile. If you have a secure workspace where your team can collaborate on sensitive documents, you don’t want to run the risk of having an employee download those documents using unsecure software that may put your company at risk.

Secure Tools Will Give Your Company an Edge 

Business requires a global mindset these days. Companies have to meet opportunities where they live. So make sure the technology is able to support your business and your employees, no matter what country they land in and what security concerns they may face. Choose the right tools to ensure that your employees can work from anywhere, while still keeping company data secure.

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