With the New Year just a few weeks away, now’s the perfect time to plan ahead and set some goals.

If one of your goals is to improve team collaboration, we have five simple things you can do to improve performance in 2017.  Here's the fourth. 





Resolution #4

Shadow IT arose out of the need of employees to find solutions to their daily challenges. Much to the dismay of IT Managers and Security & Information Risk Officers (SIRO), the simplicity of consumer-grade apps meant they quickly found their way into the enterprise as alternatives to clunky, legacy corporate tools. 

Despite crack-downs, many still exist under the radar. Over a quarter of employees (28%) use personal file-sharing apps to exchange files with colleagues and clients, while 22% routinely use unencrypted USB flash drives.1 

Today, there is no excuse. SaaS has made it easier than ever for organizations to trial and invest in new technologies that meet employee requirements. 

Lead by example; ditch the shadow IT tools and work with IT to find tools that meet the usability needs of business users without compromising security and data governance. 

Read all of our New Year's Resolutions in our new e-book "Five things to make you more collaborative in 2017".

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