With the New Year just a few weeks away, now’s the perfect time to plan ahead and set some goals.

If one of your goals is to improve team collaboration, we have five simple things you can do to improve performance in 2017.  Here's the fifth. 





Resolutions #5

From Slack to Yammer. Box to Microsoft SharePoint. Perhaps your organization already has a number of software tools available. 

While investing in better workplace tools is always a positive, there’s a point where it can become confusing to employees. “Should I post this comment on Skype or Slack? Should I send this document via email or a file sharing app?”
In 2017 audit the tools you have, understand how each should be used, and when. 

Update your IT policy, run training sessions and make sure employees understand how different tools impact client engagement, data governance and knowledge management. 

Read all of our New Year's Resolutions in our new e-book "Five things to make you more collaborative in 2017".

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