There are a lot of reasons why it is great to be a millennial, or to just be working with them, from employee portals to paperless offices and efficient collaboration. In addition to having the coolest phones and all the other latest technology (along with a remarkably positive outlook on life), the newest generation to enter the workforce has plenty of advantages that their predecessors would envy.

1. The contemporary office exists inside the employee portal

With enterprise and employee portals becoming an increasingly standard necessity for doing business, it is possible — and normal — for teams to be spread across the country, or even around the world.

2. Speed means efficient collaboration

Can you imagine communicating at work without email? Do you even use a fax machine anymore? In fact, most millennials probably don’t even know how to operate one. They are so used to using email, file-sharing and collaboration software, and other immediate digital methods of delivery that snail mail is hardly even part of their vocabulary.

3. The ability to work from home is common

And more often than not, expected. Most younger employees assume that their job offers this type of flexibility (provided it is not the type of gig that requires work to be done in person at all times). It’s the technology available now, such as the prevalence of employee portals and BYOD offices, which allows this to be accomplished.

4. Data is not tied to a given device

With central portals and servers, any documents, files, or projects that are being worked on are shared securely among the necessary employees. The ability to make changes on the fly is not only easy, but is the new normal in the workplace.

5. Version control is simple

The aforementioned portals can help ensure everyone has the most recent version of a given file, which allows teams working in various locations and time zones easy and speedy access.

6. Paper and other formerly key office supplies are often unnecessary

Even if your office doesn’t go totally paperless, many younger employees are used to not printing out documents and instead working directly from their various devices. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly!

7. Flexible scheduling is becoming typical

As long as deadlines are met, does it matter what time that work is being accomplished? For better or for worse, the 9-to-5 lifestyle is slowly becoming extinct since everyone is available at any time.

8. Mobility is standard

Being able to work while on the go and/or traveling is just part of the job. Smartphones and employee portals are the main reasons why constant accessibility is the new normal, but 20- and 30-somethings also are just used to being “on” and responsive at all times.

9. Working in teams is not only standard, but desirable

Millennials are used to working together to accomplish a greater goal thanks to years of co-op and group projects in school, a trend that is much more common with the generation currently entering the workforce.
Overall, there are plenty of reasons why the newcomers to today’s workplace have it good. Not only that, they may be improving the work landscape and related technology for everyone, regardless of when they were born.

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